10 Day Writing Blogger Challenge – Day One

I have decided, that I obviously don’t have enough on my plate and would like more challenges please. With this in mind, I have signed up for the 10 day blogger challenge from Hunterswriting.

The challenge was first bought to my attention by at Write on the World and thought it was rather nifty!

I think this will be an every other day challenge however, as I’m also doing the daily prompt and would occasionally, like to blog about other random bits that catch my attention. For instance, shiny things, clouds, phases of the moon and sun etc.

So, first things first: sign up to the challenge – check! Complete!  Name is successfully listed.

Secondly – Respond to first prompt. Found Here


So, the task was to write an elevator pitch for my latest project. I must admit that I’ve cheated a bit, and written a pitch for my manuscript. After all, I am trying to send it out (in between all the blogging etc.)

I’ve tried writing this type of pitch before and started with something quite emotive.

“You have to know who you are, to achieve what you have to achieve.”

The links on HuntersWritings  were very useful! However after a tiny bit of extra digging, I found Storysensei to be particularly helpful when it came to constructing my new pitch. 

“Kyra has seen the future; her home will be destroyed by dark magic. She must return to the wild Spire in the Northern tip of the world and warn her family. However, her Uncle has banished her to the Southern borderlands, under pain of death. If she returns, she will be destroyed. If Kyra dies, the world cannot be saved.”

Let me know what you think. – Would you want to know more?

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