So long and thanks for all the fish

This has turned into another post of ‘so what have I been up to?’

Well, work is manic. Properly manic. To be honest, it was partly expected as this is the busiest time of the year for me. But it’s also exciting!

Last night, I even managed to do some writing – see the calendar counting down to my inevitable doom? Well I have taken a step in the correct direction, and remain confident that the required edits will be done by the end of the week. Hooray!

However, most of my mind if I’m honest is currently taken up with the loss of a family member.  My sister has asked for help writing the eulogy. I’ve never considered writing a eulogy before. There are some good tips and hints online though so I’m sure at some point I might want to share my own- no not really.  Thankfully family funerals for me are very few and far between.

I think, the best way for us all to get through the day – is to pick a character from Death at a Funeral (the proper British version) and stick to their lines throughout the day. My sister has decided that she wants to be Simon, so we’re going to sit at the back of the wherever it is we’re going and say:

Martha: Simon?… Simon?

Simon: Simon.

Martha: Simon?!

Simon: Simon.

Martha: Si??

Simon: ……mon!

It’s funny to me! I highly recommend watching the film, (proper version) if you haven’t already.

This little snippet is all from me for today.

However, I’ll leave you with a fabulous one liner from my younger brother. We were, as usual, discussing my mother’s unfortunate culinary skills. She had however, just done a beautiful smoked-cod dinner for us all, and in all fairness, it was lovely.

Mum: I cook better when stressed.

Nick: Stressed? That cod looked f***ing panicked!

The timing was perfect. It was hilarious.

Grief makes us act in mysterious ways!


I’m really pleased with the links I’ve found to tie into this post. Stop the clocks is such an amazing poem. I first heard it from four weddings and a funeral.


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