Excuse me? Where did September go?

I think the last few weeks have really blurred into one.

Masters has restarted, and I’ve been desperately trying to finish the final polish on my manuscript in between attending a family funeral.

I feel a bit gutted that I’ve missed the deadline I set, to send the work to my friend by the end of September. I’m determined that it’ll be done by next week.  The manuscript really could go now, it’s pretty good.  But I have seen a few problems with it, and I now, physically cannot bring myself to send it, until it’s perfect. At least in my opinion.  But now I have reading to do for my MA, and  a writing exercise, and work, and a mini trip to support my Sister in her crazy triathlon. It’s an exciting week, but I am sleepy!

I’m pleased my MA is back up and running though. I learnt a new exercise yesterday and would like to share it. It’s the 55 word story and very simple. You must tell a full story in 55 words, a beginning, middle and an end.  The first sentence must be ten words long, the second is nine, and the third sentence is eight etc.

My advice is to pick something simple! My two attempts are below:


I don’t want to look at my phone, thank you.

Or read the waiting message that I only glimpsed.

Would you like a new phone, it’s free?

Take it off my hands for life. Never give it back to me.

It’s best I don’t know.

I am certainly certain

Is it ringing???? Oh shit.



The story above feels more like a poem to me than prose however, and I’m not sure that I entirely hit the point of the 55 word story with it. I was happier with my second attempt though.


Miss Maple slouched, staring at ink splurged over the paper.

A mystery of two halves – paw prints and water.

How did the vase fall onto the floor?

Why were there footsteps over her desk?

No plausible, credible, understandable, logical explanation.

Doors were locked, window bolted.

Two green-eyes stared.

Next-doors cat!

Break in!



Both of these were created within the same 10 minute window, so give it a go! I really enjoyed the challenge of coming up with something within the constraints. Let me know how you get on? Maybe post your stories below?



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