Back to this blogging thing…

So there are a number of things I could be writing about here. I’ve had some amazing, inspirational tutors in my writing MA. I’m trying to buy a house. There are a LOT of family ‘things’ going on and the months are whizzing by!

Quite excitingly, I’ve sent of a smidgen of my manuscript to an agent who I will be meeting in person (it’s a writing conference thing and you’re allowed to book a slot with someone EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEK) I am VERY excited. If a bit terrified to hear what they think, face to face. I’m going to take tissues, and a disguise, just in case I can never show my face in public again…

I’ve also decided that the manuscript I have so keenly sent off to said Agent, needs a complete re-write. Again. AHAH! Yes, you didn’t seeing that coming, did you!? NO, sadly, me either…

But it needs the work. It’s work that, again, I’ve known in my heart of hearts has needed to be done, but I’ve been putting it off. It’s taken me the best part of 6 months, to come to terms with the fact that it needs a full re-write. Not just a painstaking edit. It’s not plot holes or character flaws…it’s just I’m a better writer now and if I’m going to do the story justice. I need to give it my best. Which means starting from scratch.

It’s going to be the same story. The same characters, same twists (kind of) but it’s going to be fresh and much better, much smoother and driven properly by theme not plot.

I’ve also found and subscribed to the wonderful Interzone. I sent them a short story, but unfortunately it wasn’t accepted. Once I’ve received the magazines though and gotten to grips with their style, I fully intend to write some more short pieces to send to them. Based in the world of my manuscript. I love writing the little pieces, they help add texture and use up the ideas that don’t fit into the journey of the novel.

What is everyone else up to?

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