Something amazing has happened

Yesterday was such a busy day! Well done to Alex’s Adventures!!!!!!!!!!

Alex's Adventure

I mean honestly… amazing.

After returning back from the fourth adventure along Hadrian’s Wall which he had been walking along with family and friends, I imagine Alex was pretty tired; with sore feet, a bit of dehydration and exhaustion after driving across the country to get there and back.

(Name the film that features this location…)

tree 1

But guess what my crazy, but awesome cousin did the very next day? Well he sailed in the Fire Fighters annual sailing competition of course!

What?! Honestly, he’s mad! I can’t imagine how tired he must have been going into the competition, but I know he would have given it his all. Again and again Alex just keeps showing what dedication, commitment and determination can achieve.

He and his crew mates won. THEY WON! What a fantastic achievement in itself! The Fire Fighters yearly race is very very competitive and it’s a real feat…

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