On Schedules and Routines


I’m currently fitting in an MA in Creative Writing around a day job, additional job, wedding planning and moving house. Life is a bit busy, but exciting!

Now, I’m not usually very good at having a writing schedule, but the MA has its own particular deadline at the end of August and I need to submit 30,000 polished and perfected words for it (Eeeeek!) So, in order to get those words done, and write the accompanying essay I’ve needed to make some rules and more importantly, stick to them.

Because of the move, I arrive at work 30 mins before starting so I spend the time reading and taking notes, ready to pull together the essay. I’ve found this to be really useful when it comes to the creative writing as well, because the ideas and rhetorical questions raised buzz slowly around in my mind ready for the end of work, ready to spring forward. My panic about having to get everything done is subsiding, slowly.

After work, I find a quiet spot with my laptop close by and write. I’m not allowed to go home until I’ve written a thousand words.
This has worked out quite well and I’ll be honest in that I’m really surprised by my own dedication! Usually these plans work for about a day but it’s going, the words are being put down and it’s being done. I’ve got 27,000 words and I’ve stopped progressing the story because I have a good month to write the dreaded essay and then go over every single line and word with painstaking precision and make it as perfect as I can and despite all the cuts I’ll be making to erroneous words – I’m well aware that some areas will need developing and I’ll easily reach my target.

Good luck with the schedule! For a definite sceptic, it’s really worked for me! I’m even considering continuing my routine for as long as I am able so that the manuscript can be finished (again) perfected, and sent off.

Fingers are crossed!

Today's Author

I’m sitting here this Wednesday morning feeling completely out of phase with the world.  It’s a feeling I get whenever I oversleep and today I overslept.  I have to assume I hit the snooze button a few times this morning, but it’s more fun to think that some aliens from a distant planet had a hand in this. Well, the aliens or my evil cats.  Either way, I awoke at 5:07am… a full 30 minutes later than normal.  At 5:07am I’m usually already at the gym, not just getting out of bed.  I hurried through my routine, got myself ready and walked the dog, then scurried off to the gym for a truncated workout.  Officially, I’m back “on schedule” now, having cut my workout short so that my shower and subsequent trip to Starbucks could occur “on time”.

Yet, I feel completely out of sorts.

It gets me to thinking…

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3 thoughts on “On Schedules and Routines

    • There is just no choice at the moment so I’m sticking too it! When I was less disciplined, I found that dedicating one afternoon a week to writing go rid of all that ‘I havn’t done any writing…’ guilt. But in order for that to be successful, I’d have to lock myself in a room with no phone and no internet!
      Social media is a terrible distraction!
      Good luck!

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