A New Challenge – Guest Post! BubblingWIP

This week I thought I would take on a new challenge with my blog and introduce a guest blogger. Please extend a warm welcome to Sawyer of Bubblingwip.com!

A few weeks (or months) ago, I received a lovely comment from a follower and was touched by their encouragement. It was a moment and I followed them to their own corner of the web and found Bubbling WIP. But how is this all relevant you ask?

Well, I think it’s safe to say that I’ve been struggling to find the time and commitment to blog here. (Sad times) In the past few weeks I’ve also lost the time to write, but I’ll get it back – I’ll start going through my own rules of how to get back into writing and gosh darn it, I’ll be flying again!

Anyway, inspiration struck at Bubblingwip. I liked the blog, I liked the writer and their philosophy. So I reached out to try something new. Hello, I said. Would you like to do a guest post?  (Having never done this before, or really know how to do it…) Luckily for me Sawyer said yes please and was happy for me to bimble through the hows and the what and work things out.

I do have to make an apology though – I’ve become that person I find frustrating. I’ve been sitting on Sawyer’s carefully crafted answers for too long because the month just ran away with me. However, I am really excited to give you this guest post and hope that I can be forgiven for my extreme slowness.  Having a guest post was a challenge and one I’d be willing to take up again.

So, without further rambling and ado – over to Sawyer of BubblingWip.com

  1. What inspired your current bubbling work in progress?

Well, I started painting years ago, teaching myself how to use the different brushes and mix the paint. Because I have never had a formal education in art, my work was shut out of some places without ever being looked at. The same is true with my writing. It can be intimidating to see other writers’ long list of literary achievements to go along with their literary degrees. So my intention was to create a space for both writers and artists to share their work and ideas, no degree required. I am also getting close to wrapping up my manuscript, so I wanted to use this blog as a platform to share my progress as I go along. Hopefully, what I am learning may help other writers who are trying to achieve the same thing.

  1. Since starting out on your writer’s journey, what are the top three things you have learnt?

1) The importance of an outline! When beginning my book, the outline was essential for me to map out how I needed to get started while still staying on course during the drafting process.

2) I’ve learned that sometimes rules are made to be broken. This applies to grammar rules. I refuse to use a semicolon in my writing. Trust a fragment sentence sometimes. Writing is supposed to flow with the rhythm of speech and thought, both of which are fragmented at times.

3) The last tip without a doubt would be the importance of finding good readers to work with. I have been blessed to have found some outstanding readers-not family- who have committed their time and energy into reviewing my work. Because of their insightful tips and sharp eyes on catching my mistakes, my manuscript has been able to develop and transform into it’s full potential.

  1. What is the one piece of advice you wish you’d had when you first started?

Get to researching! I have been writing for years, but it was always for my own pleasure. When I finally decided I wanted to get published, I had no clue where to begin. Honestly, I think that actually finishing up my manuscript was less daunting than gathering all the information I needed to publish traditionally.

  1. What is your opinion on the traditional publishing route vs self-publishing?

I love that self-publishing has become so popular. With sites like Kindle, Amazon, and Smashwords, it has really opened doors for independent writers to get their work out there. Even the writers who want to publish without waiting however many years it could take to find an agent to help get their work published traditionally. I considered self-publishing, but after giving it a lot of thought, I would rather be patient, bide my time, and cross my fingers that I can find an agent to work with.

  1. What do you imagine your next project will be about?’

The outline for my next project is already in the works. I am planning a second part to my book, Mellie: Vinyl and Candy. I knew when I finished up the last chapter that my main character had more to tell. Her story is not yet finished.

Thank you so much for your contribution. I’m more than a bit envious that you’re working on something new! I keep being tempted to step aside but I must finish the current project. Maybe then I can start to re-explore something new, maybe a different genre or form? I’m very tempted by radio plays and short stories at the moment. They just seem easier to close down and finish.

Thank you again – lets here it for the wonderful Bubblingwip!


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