Brave Faces

Interesting topic today, Daily Prompt: Brave.

I often wonder if the topics are random or carefully selected to promote discussion on current events. Or perhaps I just associate them the thoughts currently spinning around my mind. I think Brave today, and I think of all the woman who are coming forward with accusations against Harvey Weinstein.

That is the only adjective I can apply to them; brave.

It takes courage to speak out against men (and women) in a position of power. It takes courage to speak about unspeakable things. The mind starts to turn and thoughts run faster. If I tell someone this – then how will they judge me? How will I judge myself? Does speaking about something make it somehow more real? If you give life to a story, will it grow into a tangible monster?

All I can say, is that from experience, talking helps. Those who are struggling with hard times, or feeling low, or have painful memories circling and circling and circling – tell someone. Tell a friend, tell a member of your family, tell a professional. – Tell someone you trust. Sharing pain will not increase its power over you and it might just help.

Just two places where you might find help are at and

I have to admit that I’m not that brave.

When all the tags were going around facebook yesterday, I didn’t join in. I watched with horror at the amount of women I knew, coming forward with the #metoo. I didn’t join in.

I’m passionate about Burning Embers for a lot of reasons. First, because it’s the first major project I’ve bought to completion, and secondly, because I believe in the messages that I’ve included in the narrative. When sending my pitch to agents, or telling anyone about it, the -MOST- important thing about the story, is that Feia learns that to accept and love who she is, is the most powerful thing in the world.

I want our young women to believe that. I want our young men to believe that. Stories have a power to work in the world and change the narratives that we live. We work ways to solve the mysteries of live, through the eyes of the protagonists we read, or watch on TV and film.

From working with young men and women who face difficulties and struggle with their mental health – I just always want to say; One, please believe in yourself because you are amazing. Two, talk to someone, if anyone DARES to even try and make you feel less.  These are the themes embodied in Burning Embers; they’re the whole reason it was written. It’s about a young woman who learns how to be Brave.

I’m not so brave today, but maybe I will be tomorrow.

This is a little gem of a tune:

Brave – Theme

Let me know what you think.



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