Little Ideas for Isolation and Distancing

Well. This is a very strange world in which to be writing. It feels like a bad dream, and we’re waiting to wake up. Unfortunately though the current pandemic is real. This is happening. 

Millions of people worldwide are facing social distancing or self-isolation. I’ve got a few ideas of how to make this easier, they’re nothing groundbreaking but at times like these it’s the little things which are adding up.

Little Ideas 

1, Turn on the radio. Especially if you’re someone who lives alone. Even if it’s not in the same room that you’re occupying, it’s comforting to just have some background noise and chatter. Better still, tune into local radio. After a few days listening to national broadcasts, I returned to my local stations this week and immediately felt more connected to the community I live in. It’s wonderful, so tune in and turn it up. Maybe even have a boogie around the kitchen.

2, Schedule online social events. Let’s be honest here; between Boxing Day and New Year’s Eve – does anyone know what day it is?! The days start blending together and they get a bit fuzzy. For mental health and general wellbeing, it’s important to try and build some structure into days and weeks, so they don’t start bleeding together. So start scheduling a regular social with friends, family, or both. Start doing this now, so you can build it into part of a routine. 

Staying at home with a toddler, I’ve started doing a daily facetime call with family who are at home. It’s not at a set time, just usually around lunchtime when the Beast is contained/entertained. 

I’m also trying to set up social events twice a week with friends. Some ideas for these are:

Virtual Pub – Drink your own beer! (So much cheaper)

Intelli-gathering – Setting discussion topics for debate

Share a recipe – put your cooking skills on display

Online gaming groups – there are hundreds of apps and websites for this.

Etc etc etc, they don’t need to be fancy – just fun! But do try and put something in for a regular time slot. I’d recommend doing this kind of thing now, because it looks like more and more, Coronavirus is going to cause moderate to long term changes in lifestyle. Also, why wait? I’m really looking forward to catching up with my friends next week and having a proper giggle.

3, Regular Exercise and Water!

I know, I know – it’s not the most inspired idea but I’m a person who needs regular reminding to do this! Working from home or just staying in – it’s important to move around and get some exercise. It’s important to stay hydrated too, and if you need the toilet more regularly – then at least it’s close! And from the looks of it, everyone should have plenty of toilet roll.

5, Fri-Yay! 

Working from home, and then not being able to go out for the weekend means that we could loose that Friday feeling. I’m going to try and really make a distinction between the ‘working’ week and a weekend. Usually we watch a Tv series during the evenings. But Friday is going to be Movie night. We’re keeping the alarm on to work regular hours during the week, but for the weekend I’m going to relish the moment of turning it off. With our food delivery this week, I’ve also managed to get us something in that’s a bit fancy for Saturday. 

5,  What’s already available?

This might be a cop-out but have a look at what is available already. There are hundreds of websites releasing teaching material. Maybe this is the perfect time to learn a new language or other skill? Maybe I might just get some writing/editing done after all! But what about physical skills? If you go to a local yoga group, will they be having an online group during your usual slot? Can you join in with other things?

These are, of course, substitutes for face to face communication, but we’re so lucky to have all of this technology available. Let’s make the most of it! 

Just a short post for today, but I’ll try and collate some resources to share with you all.

What are your little ideas to help with those in isolation? What is your go to web page for resources and groups?

Stay safe and well,


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