All this time at home and I might just get done writing done!

Starting on the Sequel to Burning Embers (again) – but first I’m catching up to where I originally got to. It needs a lot of editing, but I’m enjoying the story!


Excerpt from Chapter One

The door opened again and a young woman of diminutive height and build entered. Those sat beside the door continued their game, refusing to flinch as the door slammed shut behind the girl. Her dark hair had been cropped short to her shoulders and clung to her face as she moved through the room. She carried a note in one hand which she set down on the bar top. Though she’d stepped in between the patrons, they talked over her head, leaning to one side to speak around her. A thin band of light circled her neck, glinting in the firelight; another slave band. Feia looked at her own wrist and the glint of magic that snaked around the pale skin. She returned to watching the girl standing, unnoticed at the bar. The barman spied the note laid upon the wooden surface, scribed a brief response upon it and turned to the next customer. The girl retrieved her missive and left. A wisp, moving through the crowded room with all the impact of a softened whisper.

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