Micro-Fiction Challenges – Four

They were Mars Red and perfectly spherical.

An impatient voice called from the parlor.

‘Nearly!’ she answered. Voice tinny and nervously pitched. Grapes rolled into the hopper.  Her fingers tapped with deft precision on the control panel. The fruit hissed through rapid fermentation. From red to the acidic blue of an ancient five pound note.

She balanced the glass carefully between her hands and set it down on the tablecloth.

From her high-backed armchair, her mistress extended an arm. With only the faintest hum of mechanical whirring the wine was lifted, tasted and set down with a buzz of satisfaction.


I  put out a call for people to challenge me and this is my second response. The prompt was Wine & Sci-Fi. I was really excited to write this piece as I had a clear idea of where it was going, as soon as I saw the prompt. I just hope that I did it justice!

Join me in the challenge! post your micro-fiction of 100 words or less below. I challenge you to use the prompt of  Chair and the genre of Horror. Have fun! I would love to see some responses.

Previous Prompts

Dinosaurs & Melodrama

Penguins & Romance

Mitosis & Farce

Happy Writing,

Fibi xx

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