Micro-Fiction Challenges – Seven

The little blue train on a wooden track. It rattles across the suspension bridge and through the plastic mountain. No passengers at the station, no freight to collect. Dinosaurs line the junctions and a Mr. Robot guards the shed. Little blue train on an endless adventure. Open books for tunnels and a tin foil lake. Chickens the size of Horses, scattered in its wake.


I  put out a call for people to challenge me and this is my sixth response. The prompt was Train & Travel. This was actually a lot harder than I thought it was going to be and it’s only 65 words long. However, I feel that if I kept adding then it would lost it’s form.

Join me in the challenge! post your micro-fiction of 100 words or less below. I challenge you to use the prompt of  Horse and the genre of Sci-Fi. Have fun! I would love to see some responses.

Previous Prompts

Dinosaurs & Melodrama

Penguins & Romance

Mitosis & Farce

Wine & Sci-Fi

Zombie & Romance

Horse & Adventure

2 thoughts on “Micro-Fiction Challenges – Seven

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