Hello and welcome to fibijeeves, previously writingwolf,

My first manuscript, Burning Embers is complete and my synopsis is finally ready. (Hooray- street party!) Even more exciting, is the new project I’m working on, The Poisoned Well.  My main genre of writing is young adult fantasy.

This blog and website will primarily feature my attempt to become a published author. I will be going down two routes at once, starting with sending my little package of written goodies to Literary Agents, whilst simultaneously collating together the work of a few good friends and submitting my work to the realm of self-publishing. Hopefully if I am rejected by the agents, (this is an expected thing) then having sold a good number of books under my own steam, I could be reconsidered. There is always a back-up plan! (Even if it’s not a very good one.)

However, seeing as my life is generally full to the bursting and very busy with a few crazy things. I thought I would share these with you also. And so will post up other ramblings, photos, works of art, poems, prose and every related to my two manuscripts, Burning Embers and new project, The Poisoned Well.

I hope that you all wish me luck on my journey and that it proves entertaining!



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