Daily Prompt: A Friend in Need


Daily Prompt: A Friend in Need.

My closest friend is far away.
For the sake of my remaining heart, I hope that way it stays.
It can be a hard thing to be a friend, a true friend.
They are a gift, whose love knows no end.
Celebrations and laughter are easy;
Like sharing jokes and anecdotes.
But would you share unwanted truth?
No one wants, their friends to tears, reduced.
Do you pick them up, when they are low?
Even when they turn, on you, with blows?
It can be a hard thing to be a friend, a true friend.
They are a gift, whose love knows no end.

Starting from Scratch? – Eeek!

Why hello blank page!

After finishing my first manuscript, I was overwhelmed with a sense of completion and pride. I wanted to skip around, boogie, shout from mountaintops, you know, the usual…

Within my initial elation, I decided that every willing victim that I could fine, should read the manuscript to give me some feedback. Thank you all for putting up with this! However, the responses were really positive! I was pleased that I’d been so willing to share the story and have so much friendly feedback. There was some constructive criticism as well, apparently I rush through the chapters too quickly – but then I wanted to create momentum. However, after further reading and advice, I’ve reached the conclusion, yet again – that I’m not done yet.

Noooooo, I thought!  I’ll admit that it took me a few weeks to get my head around re-visiting the manuscript, again. But I’ve now settled on the realisation that the manuscript needs a new beginning, one that sets the scene and the world more clearly.  I’ve started work on this, but it’s frightening to approach a blank page, especially knowing that it’s got to tie back in with a massive weight of work that has gone before.  I feel like I’m writing towards a road block, that once I am able to join a new beginning to the old story, I’ll run out of momentum. However, I am determined to keep going, the entire manuscript needs another, more thorough edit but I feel confident that this time, I know what I’m doing. I have an aim in mind.

Wish me luck!



Good evening,

I would like to welcome you to my new location, however it is quite difficult as I have a cat (with wet paws) insisting on lying over my arms, and a kitten chirping in my ear. Despite these difficulties, welcome!

During my blogs I will explore art, poetry, literature, music and pretty much anything that takes my fancy. Primarily though, I intend to write about my journey as a writer. I hope, one day, to be a published author. So far my writing accreditation boils down to a degree in Literature and Writing, working alongside the Luton Hat Museum to help orchestrate writing project for children and having a very short piece performed at RADA. I am also undertaking a Masters in Creative Writing – Hooray! I have also just finished collaborative work on a Murder Mystery for over twenty medieval re-enactors – eeek!image

If you have any questions, please ask and I’ll do my best to answer. I intend to blog much more and to put up some writing in the near future. But for the meantime, a very warm welcome! Hello!!

Fi x


For more information regarding the murder mystery, please visit: http://www.bucks-retinue.org.uk/ which reminds me, I need to write up ‘who dun’ it’…