10 Day Blogger Challenge: Day Three. Hello old enemy!

The third day of the blogger challenge.


Right, writing an author bio. As equally terrifying as my other enemies, the synopsis, the cover letter, the pitch, and all those other things we must submit to agents, in the desperate hope that they’ll like us, and want to read more of our completed manuscripts.

So, having skimmed a variety of websites listed on the prompt page I have reached the following conclusion. Sweet and simple. Very Simple. My bio should not include extraneous information but should be to the point. As a fiction writer, I list relevant qualifications. Hooray! I actually have some, hoorah – very exciting.  So, that covers one of the three sentences I should be submitting.  My name and genre covers another, excellent. Right, how to finish this off? How to show some personality? I have chosen to put in some selective information about my hobbies and interests, and something that makes me ‘more human’ at the last. I hope that it’s also vaguely amusing.

Here we go.

“I am FibiJeeves and I write Young Adult Fantasy. I have a degree in Literature with Creative Writing and am currently studying a Masters in Writing. I am a Medieval Re-enactor and archer and I live with a precocious kitten who constantly tells me off.

My blog is at fibijeeves.wordpress.com and I am also on Twitter @fibiwolf“

What do you think? Is this worthy of submission?


10 Day Challenge: Day Two – 10 Confessions

10 Day Write Blog Challenge Daily2

Well this is frightening! My second installment of the Blogger Challenge at Hunters Writings, but here we go…

  1. I love to write when it’s raining outside.
  2. If I can find it, I wear a bandanna when I write, it keeps my hair out of my face so I can concentrate on the page.
  3. I never feel as though I’m making something up, more that I’m uncovering a story that’s already written. I put down the words, but it feels as though I’m actually just scraping back dust, on words that are already written.
  4. Need caffeine to write. To wake up, to function as a human in any kind of capacity. Preferred intake is coffee. One giant mug of milky coffee, with a couple of sugars, just to the right.
  5. Coffee goes on the right, so that as a left, I’m free to write with pen and paper whilst simultaneous drinking delicious beverage.
  6. I’m not very good at keeping up to writing deadlines, and writing all the words that I should in one day.
  7. I feel as though my vocabulary is leaking out of my brain, day on day, week on week. I fear I know less words now than I did last year!
  8. I enjoy making my reader cry – well, it’s a sign of emotive response isn’t it! It’s a horrible thing, but strangely gratifying that you have manipulated your readers emotions to that point.
  9. I don’t understand vowels. Why are they never in the correct order?
  10. Writing is the essay that you put off to the last minute, but there’s no deadline and so it can slip away like sea from the shore. But it never leaves. It’s a buzz in the back of my mind, a frustration of repeat failure, that I’ve NOT gone and written what I wanted, or put the time in that I needed to.  It’s the homework that I avoid every night. But, when I actually settle down, coffee in hand, pen in another – I love it.  I start to slip away from the world and drift in the land I’m writing. I can see it happening as I write it. It’s like trying to watch a movie and write down what’s happening at the same time, but I get to be the director too. I float through the words and I can’t see away from the page or screen. It’s a blissful, exhilarating experience, and then the coffee runs out, or I get a cramp in my neck and I’m back. I get up, and suddenly, it’s the homework I’m avoiding again.

Daily Prompt: Origin Story – Orientation in progress

Daily Prompt: Origin Story

Why did you start you blog? Is that will why you blog, or has your site gone in a different direction than you’d planned?

Photographers, artists, poets: show us BEGINNINGS.


This is quite a strange one for me to be answering, given that I still consider this blog to be in its initial stages. I am only just beginning. However, it’s been a fun week and two days so far, and I’m very proud of my little corner of the internet.

In response to the prompt, the blog is still going ahead as planned and hasn’t, yet, managed to veer off into an entirely different blog-scape. I say yet, it is, after all, an impending eventuality!

But, to answer the first question, why did I start my blog? Well, I wanted to connect with everyone else out there is who facing similar challenges to myself.  I wanted to learn more about writing, and honing my craft. I wanted to see, if I could make this blog a success. All signs are positive so far – thank you to my wonderful followers.

Previously on a website, I started a journey toward publication. I was very excited about certain routes to publication. I was set on sending out my manuscript to literary agents, and did so! I also intended to pursue self-publication as well, and my blog was intended to blog my progress on that journey. The journey slowed however, as my working life grew busier. In recent weeks, I’ve battled with the nagging pressure, to write something and do something creative with my time.  Writing isn’t about ‘wanting’ to write, or wanting to be a writer’. As a writer, I can’t ‘not’ write. I am a creative person and I require a creative outlet. Unfortunately for my blog, I’ve been fairly creative at work for the past two days and so had less imaginative energy to devote to this place. However, I am committed to my wonderful followers and determined that not too many days should ever slide past, without an entry.

I leave you with a photograph. On my visit to Hatfield House over the weekend, the following words of William Henry Davies, were inscribed into a bench overlooking the River Lea. As ever, they reminded me that it’s important once in a while, to slow down and enjoy the ride. Not just race to the end.  The lines are from Leisure. 



10 Day Writing Blogger Challenge – Day One

I have decided, that I obviously don’t have enough on my plate and would like more challenges please. With this in mind, I have signed up for the 10 day blogger challenge from Hunterswriting.

The challenge was first bought to my attention by at Write on the World and thought it was rather nifty!

I think this will be an every other day challenge however, as I’m also doing the daily prompt and would occasionally, like to blog about other random bits that catch my attention. For instance, shiny things, clouds, phases of the moon and sun etc.

So, first things first: sign up to the challenge – check! Complete!  Name is successfully listed.

Secondly – Respond to first prompt. Found Here


So, the task was to write an elevator pitch for my latest project. I must admit that I’ve cheated a bit, and written a pitch for my manuscript. After all, I am trying to send it out (in between all the blogging etc.)

I’ve tried writing this type of pitch before and started with something quite emotive.

“You have to know who you are, to achieve what you have to achieve.”

The links on HuntersWritings  were very useful! However after a tiny bit of extra digging, I found Storysensei to be particularly helpful when it came to constructing my new pitch. 

“Kyra has seen the future; her home will be destroyed by dark magic. She must return to the wild Spire in the Northern tip of the world and warn her family. However, her Uncle has banished her to the Southern borderlands, under pain of death. If she returns, she will be destroyed. If Kyra dies, the world cannot be saved.”

Let me know what you think. – Would you want to know more?

Happy Birthday Mum!

There has already been one family birthday this week, but at a risk of jumping in before the Daily Prompt catches up with me, I would like to offer my Mum a very happy birthday.

My poor mother puts up with a lot of anecdotes about her unfortunate cookery, her sometimes strange world view and various other things, that my siblings and I find hilarious. However we can all be assured that she loves us, and would only want the best for her family. Her one wish has always been that her children and grandchildren are happy.

I’ve been scouring the internet for some Mum poetry but have come to the conclusion that I really should write my own – as I’m pretending to be a writer and all that. So, I will come up with something! Sadly, due to my own lack of planning, I don’t have anything fresh to offer today and will whip something up with a bit more time.

Daily Prompt: Pat on the Back – A party without cake, is just a meeting

Daily Prompt: Pat on the Back

Tell someone you’re proud of just how proud you are.

It’s getting quite frightening, just how relevant these daily prompts are to my life. They all seem to fit in too neatly with what’s happening to the day they’re given out. Today, this would be a perfect opportunity to say, again, how pleased and proud I was to receive an award from someone who follows my blog.  However, I thought I would instead send my praise elsewhere. This post will be devoted to my Sister.

My sister was recently featured in a local newspaper as a Queen of Cupcakes. (She certainly doesn’t take after our Mother…) My Sister and her husband have four young children between the ages of 12 and 2. As you can imagine, she’s a busy mummy! However, due to the economic climate that she lives in, and the continued amount of government cuts. She receives less and less help for general childcare costs. She has always been an enterprising lady and so, two years ago whilst I was visiting (she lives abroad sadly) she told me that she was going to sell cupcakes. She’d perfected a recipe and was going to start giving the local indoor children’s play area, 12 cupcakes to sell on a Thursday. She was worried that they wouldn’t sell. That no one would want chocolate cupcakes, in a recession, cake isn’t a necessity.

I remember sitting in the car, as she made the first delivery. She came back and shrugged. It would either work, or we’d throw any remaining cakes away. It was no real loss, and it had been worth a try.

Two days later, the play area phoned her and asked for some more cakes. It had been horrible weather, the play area had been packed and the delicious chocolate and vanilla cakes had sold out. I was really proud of her.

Two years later, and my sister provides cupcakes to a variety of local shops and to the same play area. She also takes orders for birthday, christening, communion and wedding cakes. After starting as a novice, she’s built a respected small business.

My Sister is a wonderful person and one really smart cookie too. I feel very proud to have such a kind, beautiful, enigmatic and exciting woman in my life.  She truly is brilliant and it all just goes to show; whatever ever you dream of doing, whether it’s becoming a cake baker, florist, author, sculpture, bus conductor – anything. Give it a go – see where you end up.


Versatile Blogger Award


Ueber Smug – Is how I feel. Elated, proud and very humbled. Not to be confused with über Smaug – giant fire breathing lizard of Hobbit fame.  My original intention for today’s post has been waylaid by the receipt of the Versatile Blogger Award.

I have to admit that I’m gobsmacked by this. I’ve been blogging here for exactly one week and one day, and didn’t expect to receive any kind of prize for my efforts so far!  I find that I currently spend a lot of time looking at the Stats page of my blog. Each day I grow ridiculously excited as the stats edge slightly over what they were the day before!  The number of followers is also climbing steadily and I do a little wriggle of happiness when I see a new name added to the list. Welcome friends – thank you for your kind attention. I hope that you continue to find my random ramblings and blind optimism intriguing.

Thanks must go to That EJ, who has nominated me for the award. That EJ has made me feel very welcome to WordPress, and I enjoy seeing an e-mail from his blog each morning. He offers a humorous insight to his daily life and I find his blogs to be well written. They’re smooth, unlike mine which ramble off into varied different directions before I remember I’m supposed to have a point, and attempt to rein my train of thought back in, with as few spelling mistakes as possible.

So, taking my lead from That EJ, what do I do now that I have received it? There are several items to check off the list.  The Rules of the Award…

1. Display the Award Certificate on your website/blog. – I’ll follow That EJ’s lead on this also, when I’ve worked out how to do it, I certainly will! Any advice?

2. Announce your win with a post. Make sure to post a link back to me as a ‘thank you’ for the nomination. – Check! I will happily link back to the benevolent bestower of said award.

3. Present 15 awards to deserving bloggers. – I think here I enter a difficult spot. I don’t follow 15 Blogs yet and I don’t want to be wishy washy about this either. I intend to do some more bloggy reading and will have recommendations for you all by the end of the week. (Must remember to complete previous promise and write 500 words of manuscript.)

4. Drop them a comment to tip them off after you have linked them in the post. – Once I have found them, I certainly will!

5. Post 7 interesting things about yourself. – Crikey! Okay…here we go. I’ll try to avoid things I’ve already put on my info page.

Interesting Things

  1. I was determined to be the first woman on Mars. I had a really good plan. I intended to study physics and maths before going on to study Advanced Mathematics and Theoretical Physics and Cambridge, become an RAF pilot, emigrate to America and join NASA, just in time to take part in the human missions to Mars– Plan failed when I realized that I wasn’t very good at Maths, or Physics.
  2. I used to have recurring nightmares about Jacket Potatoes.
  3. I love horse riding, especially cantering over the beach at Sunset. I’ve recently been introduced to Parelli and Natural Horsemanship. It’s such a beautiful approach to life and I can’t recommend it enough.
  4. I am a medieval re-enactor. Part of Buckingham’s Retinue, I re-enact the Wars of The Roses over the summer. Although this year I’ve been unable to attend many events, I’ll never forget turning up to the first battle I ever attended. I had my bow in my hand and bag on the back.  The sun was setting behind a flag of St George. Rows of canvas tents with their own pennants flapped and snapped in a summer breeze. There was a gentle hum of laughter and welcome as friends caught up. Damp grass brushed against my trainers and wood smoke drifted into a sky that grew slowly darker. I felt as though I’d walked off the train, and back in time. Amazing and unforgettable.
  5. I believe that you should write what you know. To this end I joined re-enactment and have made it my mission of travel as much of the world as possible. How will I write about snow, if I’ve only briefly experienced it, in English winters? So I moved to Canada for 9 months as an international Student.
  6. My favourite song is Wild Horses- Covered by the Sundays.
  7. I climb things really quickly – not because I’m particularly proficient, but because the quicker I get up, the quicker I can come down!

Please find my (soon to be 15) Award Nominees below:

1. GeekErgoSum – excellent artwork by the way…

2. Afantasycometrue – Fellow fantasy writer!

3. MissJeevious – Beautiful photographs.

3. Writeontheworld – Writing Advice excellence.

4. Mum’s the word. – World Observations

5. Craplandia – hilarious!

6. Farfromdone

7. Runaway