Seeing as this blog is about writing etc, and all of the advice regarding being a good writer stems from the phrase ‘go forth and read’ I thought I should probably begin sharing my own recommendations for things to read. After all, I do have several books…

Here we go.

First recommendation: Alanna, the First Adventure.

If you’ve spoken to me in the last ten years, about my favorite books Tamora Pierce would have been raved about endlessly as my favorite author. Tamora writes YA fantasy with a breath-taking ease that I can only envy. She has over 20 fantasy novels published and is simply wonderful. Her novels explore contemporary issues of sexuality, race, class, feminism in medieval settings and they begin with Alanna. Start with the pint-sized red-head who wants to be a Knight and you can’t go wrong!

Tamora doesn’t seem to have a UK publisher at the moment though, which I find particularly devastating. However, her books can be bought from

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