In my attempt to make this site more user friendly, I’ve decided to compile all the blog posts with short stories or flash fiction in one place to make them easier to find. I hope that you enjoy them.

Happy Reading!


Flash Fiction & Micro Fiction

Roses Stretch Like Weeds – A collection of seasonal flash-fiction.

Dinosaurs & Melodrama

Penguins & Romance

Mitosis & Farce

Wine & Sci-Fi

Zombie & Romance

Horse & Adventure

Train & Travel

Tyrant & Romance

Fantastical Short Fiction

Hold onto hope

Someday all my Dragons will come true…

Contemporary Short Fiction

Like no pie…

Spiders in the toilet

Third-rate romance

A promise

And other confessions…


Memory – A dedication to Melissa Mould

A Little Poem

A friend in need


Sponsored by…  – Short fiction from the perspective of Lewis, the cat.

One more time I tell you!  – Dear Printer…