Cover Revelations! The Poisoned Well

So, this has been promised and now it is here!Time to give myself a Reprieve from deadlines and celebrate. The cover for The Poisoned Well is ready to be unveiled. I just hope you like it, I’m so excited to share it!

The Poisoned Well is a YA Fantasy with strong romantic elements. It’s also story which features the Myst, a collective of magic users and one of their students, Lyris.

In creating the design, I wanted to keep the cover as simple as possible and I love how sharp it is with a simple image on the background. The gorgeous border is thanks to Daniella, as I was about to start pulling my hair out. There were a few lovely variations created, and even a sneaky preview of fan-art if you noticed it a few weeks ago.


I’m literally bouncing with excitement and I can’t wait to keep working on this project and get it ready for you to read!

What I would really love, is the chance to give the book away for review. If anyone is interested in a pre-release copy to review then please drop me an e-mail at or drop me a comment, or message on Facebook! 

Happy Writing

Fibi xxx



I have made something for an upcoming holiday in the UK and I am very excited for it to arrive! I can’t give too much away as it’s a present. But I am feeling very very inspired to write short stories, poetry and random musings at the moment. I might even feel a bit inspired to do some painting and drawing. So excited!! Once the gift has been given I will update you all with what it is 
Now, this weekend I definitely need to do some painting as I have a ‘ticket’ to make. A ticket for an attraction so I can give it to the little beasties… again this is very mysterious but also exciting.

So, with all these little hints and intriguing droplets of information – I shall leave you here!

Wishing everyone a wonderful day!

I will try to contain my excitement!