Pick me pick me! – Wait, no. Anyone else, choose anyone!

If I had to choose anyone to narrate my blog, or to read it out, who would I pick out? I think, probably myself! That may be very self-centred but in an old-fashioned way I have just realised that I believe the best person to express my thoughts is, well, me. Much cheaper and easier that way!

I’ve experimented (once) with an audio post before on a previous website/blog thing and it was reasonably successful despite the awful quality of the recording itself. Id’ used a gaming headset and just messed around with the audio file with no experience or idea of what I was doing. But I think it was nice for the audience to hear my rather rambling thoughts through an alternative medium. It is definitely something I would consider doing again, so watch this space.

Thinking about it, the way we speak the emphasis we put on words is such an important part of who we are. I am frequently accused of mumbling and am plagued (and often frustrated) by the ‘what? Huh? Sorry I didn’t hear you’s.’ Having to repeat myself is a knock to confidence so I find I repeat whatever it was, probably just as quietly, or perhaps in even more of am embarrassed mumble. Repeating again? Frustration starts kicking in and the voice starts to quaver. Then, on a third or fourth attempt to verbally express a mundane piece of information, if I start to laugh with embarrassment – it doesn’t then mean I am telling a lie.

Maybe there is a lesson for the day in this daily prompt. Sorry folks, didn’t expect my ramble to wander in this direction. But do feel sorry for your fellow more mumbly, or softly spoken human beings. Yes, you maybe need to ask them to repeat themselves because we’re quiet and you’ve not heard. But if you ask, then please do listen. Chances are, if I’m having to repeat myself, I already want the ground to swallow me up.

A young man I went to school with has actually made a book to help children who mumble or stutter. It’s really quite good and can be found on Amazon.

As for the mumblers? Well, I need to remember more regularly that I need to take a deep breathe, pause and then repeat, on the first attempt, in a loud clear voice. Or what I consider to be loud, what other people generally think is something of a normal level.

But maybe you’ll get to hear for yourselves.

If I had to choose anyone to voice-blog for me? Other than me?

Maybe one of my nieces. That would be entertaining.

Happy Lunch All!

Fibi xx