With a little faith.


I couldn’t bring myself to re-post something today. I really wanted to write something new.  I haven’t been checking the daily prompt on a particularly daily basis so this is adding to my lack of blog posts. My next post on the 10 Day Challenge, is about the top four websites I use as a writer, and It’s stumped me a little. I feel I need to go and do some research into this before crafting my response. Alas, it is also taking some time, a commodity I feel is slipping through my fingers.

So, today I thought I would share a few things with you; namely a picture of trees. I like trees. I know this picture isn’t the most amazing, beautifully lit or framed photograph in the world. But I loved the setting and wanted to capture it. As such, the picture has no edits, it is simple what my phone captured in that moment of time (last week when I was taking a very long, slightly unexpected walk!)

What else have I been up to, other than impromptu rambling and photo snapping? Well, I have been making concerted weekend efforts to work on my first manuscript. I have added in a chapter and am very excited to get back into writing and add a few more chapters. It’s all coming together! The more I work on the story, the better it pulls together. It’s taken a very long time to muse over the plot and threads as a whole, but now everything feels as though it’s slotting into place. Not only am I anxiously awaiting the weekend, or some extra free time to re-work the new chapter and spin some more, but I’m eager to complete this project in time for my deadline (end of the month- eeek!) But I’m becoming slightly intoxicated with the thought of launching into the second manuscript.

Mr Lovely and I had a very long talk on Sunday morning and I went over again the background information for the series.  I was then able to talk about my ideas for moving forward with the second, third and fourth books and the multitude of ones that link in. However, at the end of the discussion, I had a much clearer idea of what the second manuscript needs to be.

I always had a plan for the plot of the second book. I’ve always known what the end result will be, but the rest has always been a bit, well…misty.  A large mind-fog. I’ve always been confident that the information I need, and a decent story is under there, but I’ve been stabbing at it blindly, hoping to pick it up.  For an assignment of my masters, I took the opportunity to write the beginning of the book. This was ridiculously helpful. I didn’t get the beginning on the first write, in fact I wrote several starting paragraphs and then put them away in disgust, unable to find anything that I wanted to continue from. However, coming back a few weeks later (assignment deadline looming) I realised that yes, although the paragraphs weren’t very good, a few of the sentences were great. I’d managed to write what I’d wanted to write; it was just diluted in a lot of other dross, and spread out over several different false starts. Between the bits I liked, I was able to craft a beginning I found really exciting. I was able to move on with the story, a huge relief!  In fact, the first chapter that I submitted for the assignment was one of the best pieces of writing I feel I have pulled together. After all, my masters is having the desired effect, I’m becoming a better, more honed writer.

So, first chapter complete. A full, exciting bound back into the world my reader leaves behind in the first story.  So I knew how it ended, I know how it begins…what happens in the middle? How do I drive the plot from A to B?  (Well, plot ‘should’ be driven by Character but a lot needs to happen) After my conversation with Mr Lovely though, bonus. I  have a firm idea of what is going to come, and I’m so very, very very excited to get writing and get the story done, finished. It’s going to be epic and that’s all I can say…

Again, another huge sense of relief. I always knew the story was lurking in all the fog and I’ve found at least the thread of a path through it. The path even has a few stones on it, leading the way.

Wishing everyone happy writing, and a little faith.

Fibi xx


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