Micro-Fiction Challenge: Nine (Ghost Story Snowman)

The girl stopped fiddling with her zipper, stuck half-way. Mittens pressed into the frozen crystals that had gathered into a mound; pat, pat, pat. Her skin was pale, breath turned to ice.

‘It’s getting late,’ I warned. The sky was hooded with clouds.

She worked faster. A spade for an arm, thick rope for a scarf. Snowman smiled back.

Orange light beckoned from the back door.

‘Bye Mommy,’ she raced for the porch and paused to blow a kiss.

He stared from the doorway, a virtual silhouette.

‘She’s not there love,’ he peered into growing darkness, ‘there’s no one there.’

Microfiction Challenge

This was the original Microfiction challenge prompt of Ghost Story, Snowman and the word Virtual that had to be seqwayed in! Although I haven’t progressed further in the NYC Midight Microfiction challenge, I’m proud of the piece I submitted and have enjoyed creating my own writing challenge.

Join me in the challenge! Post your micro-fiction of 100 words or less below. I challenge you to use the prompt of  Snowman and the genre of Ghost Story to see what you come up with . Have fun! I would love to see some responses.

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