It’s potential – Leave it!

I’m a big believer in getting out what you put in. Unless of course it’s a bank balance, at which point I am a fan of Dylan Moran and the understanding that you always have less money than you think you do. And personal potential – ‘It’s potential- leave it!’

But there I digress from today’s Daily Prompt. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, do I agree? At which point I say yes. When I approach the day in a positive way I find that it goes better. That isn’t to say that the day is perfect and I can skip through it like Julie Andrews – but it is easier to face the little hurdles or the giant mountains that are thrown at you, because you start off in a better place. This also isn’t to say that being positive is easy. It can take a lot of energy – especially first thing in the morning before I’ve had some coffee!

There are definitely some days though when I feel that honestly, I can’t be bothered to be super happy. There lies the struggle, the forced effort to push myself into a better day. I can always feel my emotional feet dragging at that point and it’s tempting to just let the gloom pull me down, to wrap myself in that blanket of ‘bleurgh’. If I’m honest, sometimes I let it get the better of me and I might even go a few days of being in a foul mood which usually will lift on its own. Sometimes though, it takes a really good laugh with friends or Mr L to push it all away.

But the thing to remember, that I always hang onto is that everything changes. Tomorrow will always be different and unless you can predict the future or have a magic crystal ball – you don’t know how it’s going to be or what’s coming. It might be a train-wreck or it might be beautiful, we just don’t know. But either way everything is always changing.

In terms of beauty, I think you have to be in place to appreciate it. When there’s that inner glow you can see the world and the people in it and their myriad beauty. If you’re feeling like you want to wrap a duvet over your head and sleep for a month – you’re less inclined to notice things around. Beauty is in the eye of those able to search for it but everyone needs a little reminder sometimes that the world is enormous despite the globalization that the internet has bought us.

2 thoughts on “It’s potential – Leave it!

  1. I agree; when the black dog has me, nothing is beautiful, no matter which way I look at it. When things are more positive, I can usually find beauty in most things, so yes, where youa re coming from really affects if and when you see beauty. Nice post.

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