Holding onto Hope

Well this is a happy co-incidence. Here is a second post in as many days! I had considered scheduling it for later in the week, or next week, but it is a response to a daily prompt. So here we are.

The prompt for today was:He was not going to allow the cold, wind-driven rain to change his plans.

And this is what I have done with it.

‘He was not going to allow the cold, wind-driven rain to change his plans. As he passed through the gates, the final trace of sunlight dissipated and Burian was left in the uneasy cover of darkness. He trudged over cobbles made slick with mud and splashed, unrelenting, through the pools that gathered. The storm raged over him, but he wouldn’t turn back. He wrapped his arms, tight around the bundle he carried, pulling his close out of the fierce tug of the wind. Icy water trickled into his eyes, past his bushy brows. His hood had long since been thrown back and was useless. Yet he wouldn’t release his bundle to pull it back into place.

With determined strides he left the city and all its half-crumbled towers behind. Blind except to the sloping path and deaf to anything other than the sting of sleet on small ears turned cold sore. It used to be, he thought, without bitterness, that from here you’d see a small town, rising through the darkness and beyond it grass plains, farmed lands and villages that stretched on and on across the flatlands. The city was once a faint burr of sound in background, light rising from a thousand candles as the people readied themselves for the night. But no longer.’

This was quite difficult to write as I tried to adapt a pre-written piece. But then started fresh. I’m pleased with the flow of writing and it might be a piece I return to develop further in time. Perhaps I struggled because I didn’t have a particular story in mind, just an image and a few ideas.

I’d love to see anyone else responses to the prompt.

Happy Writing!


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