Daily Prompt: A Promise

I haven’t done one of these for ages! Time to get back on it. The prompt for today was: He knew he’d promised never to gamble again, but this…this was a sure thing. Please find a very short story/flash fiction piece below 🙂

A Promise

He knew he’d promised never to gamble again, but this…this was a sure thing. The chip felt good in his hand. Cool, solid, smooth. Gary spun it slowly between his fingers and ran his thumb over the number. He knew exactly what table. What number, what colour. A flash of brilliance had occured and he just knew.
He’d been walking past the casino on 55th and it had just been there, on the tarmac. Half covered in an ice-cream wrapped. It wasn’t often that Gary stopped in his tracks. He was a perpetual motion man. But he’d seen the gold flecked chip peeking out from the cast-aside plastic and he’d stopped. He had bent down, pushed aside the wrapper with a single finger before he picked the chip up.
He’d promised.
But it wasn’t as though he’d gone and put money down. Not his own money. He’d found it.
His feet followed the familiar path into the casino. Through the heavy air, thick with perfume, stale sweat, and the febreeze that the staff sprayed at an almost frantic pace, and yet still, did nothing to combat the casino smell.
“Black twenty. Spin it.”
The wheel spun, black, red, black, red interlocked and intertwined forever. The ball bounced and hit. It landed with a soft click. Black twenty.
The flat feeling of despair mingled with a desire to hope, inflated into elation.
“Again. Black twenty again!”
The dealer hesitated, his humanity seeping out through his uniform.
“The odd’s wouldn’t be in your favour,” he said quietly. The name tag said Reg.
“Do it again. I can double my money.”

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